Tamar Valkenier

Explorer, adventure addict, lover of animals, ancient cultures and remote wilderness


Fulltime Avonturier

Tamar's book titled 'Fulltime Avonturier' in Dutch and 'die Vollzeit Abenteurerin' in German has already sold over 35.000 copies. Coming out in English this July!

About Tamar

A former michelin-star chef and investigative psychologist with the Dutch National Police, Tamar (1986) traded her succefull, home-based life for one of uncertainty and adventure. She retired at 28, built a bicycle and left Holland. Two years she cycled around the world, sleeping in her tent and living off the land. She got addicted to adventures as they became more extreme and never-ending. Amongst many, she travelled Mongolia with her own horse, camel and dog (1600 km), Jordan with her donkey (650 km), lived of hunting and gathering under the glaciers of New-Zealand (3 months), hiked Japan, learned from the Maasai in Kenya and the Indians in Canada and spent two long winters amazing herself over the Northern Lights from her tent in Swedish Lapland. She loves the unconventional life of a modern nomad, especially when there is remote wilderness, extreme adventure, animals and ancient cultures involved. Articles have been written, documentaries shot, lectures given and tours organized. While continuing to explore the world, she published books and started a foundation in Mongolia.


Tamar loves sharing her stories and in september 2023 she was rewarded with first prize for ‘Best Story’ at the Discovery Days festival in Flims, Switzerland. In 2025 she will be presenting at Mundologia festival in Germany as well as a series of other venues in Germany and Switzerland. She also presents at universities, rotary clubs, adventure clubs etc. Please get in touch with her if you would like her to develop a customized presentation for your audience.

Join an adventure?

Only a few weeks of the year it is possible to join Tamar on one of her adventures, for example to Mongolia or Jordan. To trek with the bedouins and nomads and learn about their lifestyles.

Heart for Mongolia

After years of helping out the nomads of Mongolia herself, Tamar now finally has started an official NGO called Heart for Mongolia. All donations go directly to projects requested by the locals of West-Mongolia themselves, including the building of animal shelters, greenhouses and bringing much needed supplies to remote hospitals and schools. Every dollar makes an incredible difference to the people living in the harsh conditions of the mountains.

Tamar’s NGO ‘Heart for Mongolia’ supports the nomads of Mongolia in basic needs:


Tamar is proud to collaborate with Xtorm for charging in remote environments, and the incredible outdoor brand Vaude for suitable clothing, a tent and her backpack. 

Contact Tamar to:

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Tamar Valkenier

Fulltime Adventurer